Bali Village

Bali Village

A small fisherman’s village Bali (9 km from Panormos) has developed over the last decades into a prominent travel destination in this part of Crete. Besides the monastery of St John Prodromos and the two-aisled stone church and old fountains with a characteristic decoration Bali offers and beautiful beaches west and east of the village, an islet and a scenic view onto the little port.

Bali has five windless sandy beaches and turquoise waters, including a small port. For water sports lovers, in Bali operates a diving school.

The beach you meet first, when you visit Bali, is the largest of the rest four. It is well-organized, visited by many people every day during the summer season. The second beach is a little further east. In contrast to the first beach, the second is not organized and you will not find as many visitors as in the first beach. The third beach of the village is a small sheltered beach, with sand and clear water. The beach is well organized and you will find several taverns with fresh fish.

Near the third beach, lies the small port of the village with a small beach nearby. This beach, although  it is small, is well organized and features all the necessary amenities. The fifth and last beach you meet in Bali is the most scenic. It is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, but you will not find the comforts of other beaches of the settlement.

Monasteries Of Bali Crete

Monastery of Atali is one of the places you can visit there, it’s about 5 km in the South of Bali which is dedicated to St. Ioannis and dated since the 17th century. You may also visit the church of Panagia Charakiani at the eastern side of the gulf. And if your direction is at East, don’t forget to visit the picturesque village Sises which is located about 13 km from Bali.


July 1, 2020